Obesity is a very important issue related to public health in Europe. Different conservative methods like diets or new drugs are ineffective treatments for morbid obesity or severe obesity, which is defined as two times or more than normal weight. Bariatric Surgery or Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) is the only effective method, which can help people with morbid obesity reduce weight. Weight Loss Surgery improves the health condition and quality of life.


Bariatric surgery and nursing


The nurse should be able to satisfy the patients’ basic and specific care and nursing needs after bariatric surgery, they should have the ability to apply knowledge in nursing, medicine and rehabilitating. This is why the nurse should accumulate advanced knowledge on patients’ perception of health-related quality of life.

The word obesity in Latin means overeat; the word barros in Greek means large or heavy and the word bariatric is nowadays related to bariatric surgery. Expressions like bariatric surgery, bariatric patient, and weight loss surgery or weight loss patient are actually used in practice and in the literature. This is a literature review focused on patients’ perception of health-related quality of life after bariatric surgery.


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